Is Rug Tufting Hard?

Rug Tufting is a trend that started around 2020 when we were all locked in our home, since then it has gain a lot of popularity and interest from all people around the world. Therefore many of them started their own business by selling handmade rugs, offering classes or just as a hobby, but how complicated is it to start? If you are one of the tufting enthusiasts and want to know this, in this article we want you to know all the untold facts about this wonderful world.


Easy Technique

Learning to tuft is very simple and technical! You have to remember basic things like tufting from bottom to top, grab the gun firmly and apply pressure on the fabric. In my experience the most difficult part of making rugs is finishing them with the shaving, trimming and backing. Remember practice makes perfect and through the months or years you will be improving. In case you want to try it first, you may attend tufting workshops.

No pain, no tufting

The main tool is the tufting gun and it weighs about 4 – 6 pounds, so you can imagine that the weight, which we know is not very high, can affect the wrist; as the job takes several hours. This is why it is recommended to use gloves to avoid pain and vibration.

After weaving and gluing, the carpet is shaved and trimmed. Often the excess wool is even cut off inside the frame so that the shaving process is reduced at the end. That said, when we shave we usually do it on the floor or on a desk and we have to bend down. Here is where the back pain appears. For this we can recommend you an adjustable desk to avoid hunching over. However, in my opinion all this pain is worth it when you see the finish rug! Tufting is impressive and you can make all you want

Money, money and more money

We have an article talking about it but in short, we believe that this is an activity that requires a good financial investment. Only in the main tools you will need $500 – $600 approximately plus all the yarn, and fabric you will constantly need for work if you want to establish a business. The positive thing is that there is an audience for rugs and being a new trend, there is not much competition although this will also depend on where you are located.

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