Rug Tufting Classes in Seattle

Rug tufting classes in Seattle are a great way to learn a new skill and meet other likeminded people. They are typically held on a regular basis, so you can easily find one to attend. In a rug tufting workshop, you will learn how to use a special needle and thread to create beautiful designs in fabric. This is a great way to add personality to your homecor, and you can even make gifts for friends and family. Tufting is a relaxing and rewarding activity, and you will be amazed at the beautiful results you can achieve.


Myra and Jean

Andie Solar is a fiber artist based in Seattle, specialized in punch needle and rug tufting. She usually offers workshops, but if you want to book a personalized one in a personal or group way you can write to her email or instagram to get information. The 1:1 workshop lasts 2 or 3 hours and she teaches you about tufting, troubleshooting and getting comfortable with the tufting gun. It includes all the materials and tools. For more information you can contact her.



$199 for 2 hours

$299 for 3 hours


Tuft Ruft



3250 Airport Way South Ste 635, Seattle, Washington 98134
18″ x 20″ Frame: $150
30″ x 30″ Frame: $250
$100 deposit upon booking
What’s included?
  • Selection of more than 50 yarns
  • All materials and tools
  • Instructions on how to use the gun and how to glue the rug
  • Free snacks and drinks

Tuft The World

TTW is a well known brand focus in tufting. It sells supplies like tufting guns, clippers, cotton yarn, wool yarn, fabrics (primary and backing) and they have not missed the opportunity to conduct workshops on rug making. These workshops are given in Philadelphia where their headquarters are located in but throughout the year they have been offering classes around the United States so we highly recommend following them on instagram so you don’t miss any updates about the workshops. Also they sell an online course for $99, you can check it here.



$99 online course

$225 – $250 depending on the city. It includes all the supplies and a small frame you can take home


Depends on the city


Check their website because they have specific dates for the workshops


Sadly there are not so many rug tufting workshops in Seattle but you can start learning with videos on YouTube, as much people have done. We leave you a very complete video from Rug Babe, promise you will learn a lot with it.

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