Best Trimming Tools For Tufting Rugs

Trimming is a one of the final steps when you are making a rug. It helps to keep the rug looking new and in good condition. Trimming the tufts ensures that the tufts will lay flat and not become frayed or unraveled over time. This will help to prevent the rug from becoming lumpy and uncomfortable. Trimming also helps to ensure that the rug will be safe to walk on by preventing loose ends from snagging on clothing or skin. In this article we will list the best trimming tools for tufting so you get a neat rug.


Dream Reach Gromming Clippers

If you are a beginner, the Dream Reach clipper will be the perfect trimming tool for you. Is not expensive as the bigger ones, you can use it for trimming and carving, which is an important part of rug-making, as it adds texture and dimension to the rug. One thing we recommend is to purchase several blades, as they wear out. and lubricate once you start and finish to work with it. To preserve your blade better, the ideal is to lubricate it with oil before and after use, as well as clean it to remove any wool residue.

Electric Power Scissors

A great tool for trimming rugs. It is perfect for cutting the excess of each color block, in this way, the different colors are not mixed. It does the same as a normal scissors, only electrically so you will save time in the process. At the end, you will have a clean tufted piece.

walowalo Electric Fabric Scissors Box Cutter 2 Rechargeable Batteries 2 PCS Blades for Crafts Sewing Cardboard Scrapbooking Leather 4V Li-Ion Power Cordless Shears Cutting Tool (Fast Charge Version)
  • CORDLESS SCISSORS - walowalo 4V scissors allows you to take your projects on the go and eliminates the need for messy cords. With the removable battery, you can use the cutter as long as you want because you don't need to wait for it to recharge. You can cut out 8 double layer golf cart seat cover sets within 20 minutes instead of taking 120 to 180 minutes to do it by hand. Great Valentines day gifts for women, men. Good for mothers day gifts, gifts for mom, fathers day gifts, gifts for dad, christmas gifts.
  • UP TO 120 MINUTES OF CONTINUOUS CUTTING TIME - This professional electric cutter comes with 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which offers 45 to 60 minutes of usage for each one. Thanks to the fast charger, it only takes 1 hour to fully charge each 2300 mAh battery.
  • TWO BLADES POWER THROUGH THICK AND THIN MATERIALS - With two easy installing blades, you can complete any everyday job, home DIY task or crafting project effortlessly.The fabric blade “O” will cut through plastic straps, tin/ aluminum sheets, vinyl floor-covering, solid cardboard, cotton fabrics, leather, felt while the hard materials blade “D” will cut through corrugated cardboard, rose stems, double layers of thick polar fleece and carpet backing.
  • LOCKING POWER SWITCH - No need to continuously hold the the safety button! Just push forward and release. Your scissors will remain poweredon until you press the button again to turn them off.
  • MEET ALL CUTTING NEEDS - The walowalo cordless battery power scissors are the ideal tool for fiberglass work, modelers, anyone who sew's and crafters. Also great for mild arthritis and fibromyalgia. No sore, aching or tired wrist anymore.

Duckbill Scissors

Such as the Dream Reach Clippers, the duckbill scissors may be the first option if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend too much money yet. Thanks to the duckbill form, the scissors are perfect to cut the yarn that sticks out. You can make this with a simple scissors but the way this blade have make it perfect to do the trimming of the rug.

ThreadNanny Duckbill Scissors (6-Inch) - Duckbill Applique Scissors for Professionals - Ergonomically Bent Curved Offset Handle - Paddle Shaped, Razor-Sharp, Premium Grade German Steel
  • Premium Duckbill Applique Scissors: Effectively allows you to cut one side of the seam and not the other. It lets you trim the excess of your applique without cutting into the base fabric. Perfect for your embroidery and sewing projects!
  • Very Comfortable in the Hand: Duckbill scissors designed ergonomically to be easy on the hand. It’s very lightweight to reduce hand fatigue. Features a ½ inch wide paddle-shaped duck bill providing a high degree of precision useful to trim around edges.
  • Razor-Sharp: Features razor-sharp blades with tension adjustment screw and offset handles. It can be resharpened and adjusted, if required.
  • High Grade German Steel: Made from premium grade double-plated chrome finish German steel.
  • American Brand Quality: ThreadNanny is a reputable family-owned American company. We take pride in the quality of our products.

Professional Sheep Shears

Perfect for larger rugs! The sheep shears are quicker and heavier so you have to be careful at using it. The best thing to do is practise first and buy a guide so that the carpet is at the same level and there are no holes. We recommend using it with anti-vibration gloves.

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