Rug Tufting Workshops in Pittsburgh

Tufting is an embroidery technique that has become quite popular in recent years. Everyone dreams of making a handmade rug to decorate their spaces. If you are one of them, in this post we will share with you information about tufting workshops in Pittsburgh.


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PGH DIY School

Studio dedicated to teach different kind of art activities like dye, punch needle, embroidery, weaving, sewing and tufting! Follow them on Instagram or take a look to their website so you get updated information. In the case of tufting, they offer classes and a camp of 14 hours



Classes What will you learn? Hours Price
Tufting Use a tufting gun, stretch your fabric, wind the yarn, how to trim and finish a rug 3 hours $200
Tufting Camp Use a tufting gun, stretch your fabric, wind the yarn, build a frame, how to trim and finish a rug + punch needle 12 – 14 hours $475



  • 321 Pennwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221



Meg Frall is a fiber artist based in Pittsburgh, she is specialised in needlepoint, knitting, and rug tufting. At the moment she’s not offering tufting workshops but you can contact her to ask if she’s planning to do it in a future.


Also you can start learning with videos on YouTube, as much people have done. We leave you a very complete video from Rug Babe, promise you will learn a lot with it.

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