Rug Tufting Workshops in Minneapolis (MN)

Rug tufting is a centuriesold craft that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to the growing interest in handmade and vintageinspired home decor. If you‘re interested in learning this traditional craft, there are several rug tufting workshops in Minneapolis area. In a rug tufting workshop, you‘ll learn how to create a handtufted rug using a special tufting gun. You‘ll start by choosing a design and selecting the colors of yarn you‘ll use.

Then, you‘ll use the tufting gun to create the piles of yarn that make up the design of your rug. Once you‘ve completed the design, you‘ll secure the backing and trim the excess yarn. Rug tufting is a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your home. And, thanks to the wide range of colors and designs available, there‘s sure to be a style that‘s perfect for your space.


Bitter North Workshop



17th Avenue Northeast Minneapolis, MN 55418

Casket Arts Building Studio #115


Textile Center

The Textile’s Center Tuft Club offers tufting classes for individuals interested in creating their own hand-tufted rugs. Participants will learn the basic skills required to machine tuft a small 2×3 ft rug and develop an at-home tufting practice. The classes cover the entire process of rug making, including designing, material selection, framing, fabric application, and tufting with a machine. By joining The Tuft Club, individuals can gain the knowledge and expertise needed to create unique tufted rugs of their own design.


$128.70 – $143.00

Materials fee: $60


3000 University Ave SE Minneapolis, MN 55414


Tuft The World

TTW is a well known brand focus in tufting. It sells supplies like tufting guns, clippers, cotton yarn, wool yarn, fabrics (primary and backing) and they have not missed the opportunity to conduct workshops on rug making. These workshops are given in Philadelphia where their headquarters are located in but throughout the year they have been offering classes around the United States so we highly recommend following them on instagram so you don’t miss any updates about the workshops. Also they sell an online course for $99, you can check it here.



$99 online course

$225 – $250 depending on the city. It includes all the supplies and a small frame you can take home


Depends on the city


Check their website because they have specific dates for the workshops


Here is a short video on how to get started with tufting

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