Rug Tufting Workshops in Charlotte, NC

Tufting is an embroidery technique that has become quite popular in recent years. Everyone dreams of making a handmade rug to decorate their spaces. If you are one of them, in this post we will share with you information about rug tufting workshops in Charlotte.

To start with this art you need a tufting gun and of course not everyone can acquire one, that’s why many prefer to go to workshops that have all materials and tools included.


Table of Contents

Cat Babbie

Artist based in Charlotte that loves dyeing, fibers and tufting. She sells paintings, patches and tufting pieces. She has offered workshops, and for those interested in the upcoming ones you can register in this form. As soon as Cat Babbie is making another one, she will notify you.



Lacuna Loops

Black owned business located in Charlotte that sells handmade rugs. They don’t offer workshops, but you can ask them and maybe, they are encouraged to do customized ones!



Also you can start learning on YouTube, as much people have done. Here is a video in which Flavor World explains how to tuft a rug, specifically on the technique.

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