Best Yarn Winders For Rug Tufting

Yarn winders are essential tools for rug tufting. Whether you’re a professional rug tufter or just getting started, having the right yarn winder is key to success. The right yarn winder can make the tufting process faster and easier, while the wrong one can slow you down and cause frustration. In this guide, we’ll look at the best yarn winders for rug tufting, so you can find the right one for your needs. We’ll discuss the features to look for, the different types of winders available, and our top picks for the best yarn winders.


Red Yarn Winder

This yarn winder is one of the cheapest and common ones. It’s very easy to use and includes a lot of other items for crocheting and knitting that might help in your tufting journey. A yarn winder is an invaluable tool for rug tufting, as it simplifies the process of organizing and cutting yarn for the project. By winding the yarn into a ball, it is easier to keep track of the amount of yarn and ensure an even distribution of yarn in the project. Additionally, it is easier to work with multiple strands of yarn when they are in a ball form, as opposed to a tangled mess.

It depends on you, which one you choose because you can get it with or without the addional items like needles.

Buyer Review:

«I highly recommend the yarn winder by Butuze. It is a great tool for those who tuft and need to get their yarns organized and wound up into neat and convenient balls. The yarn winder is well made, easy to use, and sturdy. The arms adjust easily to accommodate any size of yarn and the yarn is wound quickly and neatly. The price is reasonable and it is a great investment for any yarn enthusiast.»

BUTUZE Yarn Winder, Yarn Ball Winder Yarn Spinner with 53 Pieces Stitch Markers Knitting Kit, Yarn Winder Large Capacity, Yarn Roller, Yarn Spinner for Crocheting with Manual
  • YARN WINDER SIZE: Width is 4.72inch/12cm, height is 4.13inch/10.5cm.
  • Yarn Winder for Crocheting: With one piece wool ball winder, you can use it to organize the loose yarn. And we considered the needs of knitting, end up offering four kinds of knitting needles freely, so this complete knitting tool set can meet all of your needs.
  • Excellent Yarn Spinner: Our ball winder and swift with light weight, you can use or remove it easily and effortlessly. And our hand yarn winder has small noise, needn’t to worry about causing any disturbance to the families and neighbor.
  • Winds Yarn Efficiently: Ideal for winding loose yarn into immaculate, well-kept balls by simply turning the crank, which can get your knitting and crocheting supplies organized easily. Easy to operate, and you can make well-kept ball in several minutes, which save you a lot of time.
  • Adjustable to Different Surfaces: Install the swift winder on the desk, tighten up the button to fix it, and let loose yarn though the rotary wheel, end up a beautiful ball.

Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny

The winder is lightweight and easy to use, and it quickly and efficiently winds yarn into even and neat cakes. The Yarn Winder also has a built-in yarn guide that helps keep the yarn in place while winding, making the process of tufting rugs much easier and less time consuming. The winder is also built to last and can handle a variety of yarn types and weights. Overall, the Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy and reliable way to wind yarn for rug tufting.

«This is a great tool for winding yarn for tufting, especially for those just starting out. It’s easy to use and can wind multiple bobbins at once, saving time and effort when tufting. Plus, the price is very reasonable compared to other winders. If you’re a beginner looking to get into rug tufting, the Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny is a great choice.»

Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny - Easy to Set Up and Use - Hand Operated Yarn Ball Winder 4 Ounce Capacity - Sturdy with Metal Handle and Tabletop Clamp - Knitting kit Included
  • Easy to Set Up and use to get Yarn Cakes. Use the Yarn Winder as soon as you take it from the box.
  • Sturdy with metal handle and tabletop clamp (compare with other winders with plastic handle).
  • Transform skeins or hanks of yarn into ready-to-use yarn cakes that can be used from the outside or from the center.
  • Metal clamp, sturdy and with good grip. Adjustable clamp to attach to thick tables, up to 1 inch 3/4
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We will make it go right in case of any issue. You just need to contact us

Yarn Winder by SolidGnik

It is a great tool that makes the process of winding yarn for tufting a much faster and easier task. The Yarn Winder is adjustable, so it can be used with a variety of yarn weights. The crank handle is smooth and easy to turn, and the spool holder is sturdy and secure. The Yarn Winder is also lightweight, making it easy to move around and store. The quality of construction is top notch, so you can count on it to last for many years of use. This yarn winder is similar to the first one but is bigger for more quantity of yarn.

SolidGnik Yarn Ball Winder Large Capacity with Knitting Needles Set,Hand Operated,10 Ounce
  • 【FUNCTION】 Making pull thread balls. Our yarn winder large capacity transforms your skein of yarn into a yarn cake (ball of yarn) quickly that won't tangle, and winds up to 10 ounces of yarn each time.
  • 【COMPARE WITH OTHER PRODUCTS】Compared to other small size products on the market, our ball winder for knitting has a larger capacity, we can wind up to 10 ounces of yarn and can make larger balls of wool, saving you more time!
  • 【EASY TO SET UP AND LOW NOISY DESIGN】The yarn winder for crocheting can be set up and taken down easy. The stable gear inside the ball winder, low noise, and there is a rubber mat on our ball winder clamp, it protects the table from damage while working, and enhances the stability of the product, excellent fit for use at home, school.
  • 【BONUS TO OUR CUSTOMERS】The package comes with a knitting kit with multiple accessories for daily use. They can make you enjoy the fun of knitting anytime, anywhere.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY AFTER-SALES】We believe you will love this amazing large yarn winder. If you have any questions about the parcels you received, please contact us for a replacement or return.

Yarn Winder Lacis Jumbo

The Yarn Winder Lacis Jumbo is an excellent choice for those looking to do rug tufting. It is easy to use and has a large capacity, making it perfect for those looking to work on large projects. It winds quickly and evenly, and can be used with a wide variety of yarns. The construction is solid and well-made, which ensures it will last a long time. Overall, this is an excellent product for anyone looking to tackle rug tufting projects.

Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder
  • LACIS-Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder.
  • Conveniently clamps on to a table.
  • Imported.
  • unspecified
  • unspecified

Why is it important to use a yarn winder when rug tufting?

A yarn winder is an essential tool when it comes to rug tufting. Rug tufting requires the use of multiple colors of yarn, which must be wound up neatly and in an organized fashion. Without a yarn winder, this would be a very tedious and time-consuming process. With a yarn winder, the yarn is wound quickly and neatly into convenient, easy-to-manage bobbins, saving time and keeping the colors of yarn organized.

The yarn winder also ensures that the yarn is wound tightly, which is important for rug tufting, as it helps to ensure that the yarn is properly secured in the backing material and that the loops of yarn remain even and consistent. A yarn winder is also very portable, making it easy to take with you when you are traveling to tuft a rug. All in all, a yarn winder is an essential tool for rug tufting, making the process faster and more organized.

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