What is tufting?: Learn All About This Amazing Textile Technique

Put forward by brilliant artists through social networks, tufting is now a trend that it would be a shame to miss. However, it is important to know that this art – which has just become known to young people – has already crossed generations. The know-how has remained the same, only the tools used differ, but what is tufting? Discover the secrets of this art that has already conquered many hearts!


More than just rugs

Those who know a little bit about tufting know that tufting is usually done on rugs. To do this, designers use a tufting gun or electric tufting gun.

However, this know-how concerns a much wider field than that of the rug. It is not uncommon to find beautiful hand tufted clothes in high fashion and even mirror coverings, cushions and various tapestries or decorations. In short, tufting is a very broad universe.

Unleash your inner artist!

DIY design is particularly popular today and interiors are becoming more and more personalized. Young and old alike are getting into it nowadays. Some out of curiosity, others out of passion and still others because they are looking for a mentally rewarding hobby. Tufting is both educational and fun. Once you start, you’ll realize how easy it is, as long as you have the right tufting gun and understand the basics. You’ll get the satisfaction of a job well done, while ending up with a unique piece that is uniquely yours.

In concrete terms, how does tufting work?

Let’s take the production of hand tufted rugs as an example. Forget about all the other methods of rug making that you know, because we are not going to talk about knotting or weaving. To start tufting, you’ll need a tufting gun. This is an electric gun that is used to tuft and make beautiful patterns on a canvas or fabric base. This unique device is to the tufting craftsman what the Walther P99 is to James Bond.

Different styles, different reasons but same passion

Of course, as with any art, tufting artists each have their own style. Each artist has his or her own reason for wanting to try tufting. Some will make it a craft. Others will want to discover a new ultra chic and trendy experience. Still others will simply want to energize their interiors with unique elements. Tuft your creations because tufting gun does not give the same result in different hands. Go for extravagance, cocooning, traditional craftsmanship or avant-garde. But also and above all: Enjoy yourself!

Mirror Rug From Trish Andersen


Rare Rug on Etsy

How do I start?

There are plenty of videos and information about tufting on Internet, you can find a lot of articles about it in this blog 👀. After doing some research, you will be ready to start this amazing hobby.

The first thing to do is get the tools that will allowed you to begin, you can read about the 10 tools you need to start tufting here. Once you have all the essential tools, you will practice the technique with the gun, how to stretch the fabric on the frame and more. You won’t regret taking this step, learning tufting is a beautiful process.

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