6 Tips For Your Workspace And Safety

In Tufting World, we want you to simplify as much as possible the initial process to start tufting your own rug, and in this article you will find a few tips and recommendations that we want to give you so that you are prepared when planning this new project. It’s very important to have a perfect workspace with all the safety needed so you don’t have any problem while tufting.


1. Be clear about what do you want to do

To begin with, you must know what projects you are going to carry out. It is not the same to make pokemon rugs than design rugs for living rooms, these being much larger and requiring different materials and more space.

2. Be aware how much space you have

The space in which you are going to work usually determines the size of your creations, it is important to plan the location of the frame in a place where it is comfortable to work and you do not have to stretch or use stools, or be bent down to avoid back pain. We recommend two types of frame, one that goes on a table or countertop and fixed with a pair of clamps to the structure or furniture, and another that is independent of the furniture, and incorporates legs with a structural bracket, capable of keeping the fabric vertical.

At the same time, when the tufting process is finished, it is advisable to be able to place the complete frame horizontally and supported on a surface. This will facilitate the incorporation of the adhesive and will facilitate the impregnation of it into the fibers. Also for you to avoid back pain, it is recommend that you have a desk which is on the perfect height, so we have one adjustable for you:

Monomi Electric Standing Desk, 55 x 28 inches Height Adjustable Desk, Ergonomic Home Office Sit Stand Up Desk with Memory Preset Controller (Natural Top/White Frame)
  • 【Electric Standing Desk】-- The Electric height adjustable standing desk has 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 28.35" to 46.46", can be used by people of different heights in different scenes.
  • 【Spacious Work Area】--Large 55” x 28” eco-friendly desktop offers a roomy setup for 2 monitors and 1 laptop,plus enough room for ongoing projects and office supplies, you can spread out and calmly take on the challenges of the work day.
  • 【Soild and Sturdy Desk Frame】--An industrial-grade steel frame combined with a durable desktop allows for a 178 lbs weight capacity . The wide T-shaped foot design makes the table maintain good stability even when used at the highest height.
  • 【Durable and Quite Motor】This standing desk uses an advanced motor,each height adjustable desk has been tested more than ten inspection processes before sell ,ensure longer service life.If the desk encounters obstacles when lifting, it will move 2cm in the opposite direction to avoid possible damage or injury
  • 【Easy To Install】- Detailed installation manual, accurate installation video guide. Embedded screw hole locations and provided a hex key provide ease of installation.You can easily assemble the sit stand desk. If you have any problem, we provide you 7x24 hours customer support.

3. Don’t forget the projector

It is necessary to anticipate how the drawing will be marked in the tufting fabric. The easiest and fastest way is the use of a projector, which facilitates the task in complex designs or is simply faithful to the original design. It is necessary to consider that a certain distance and space is needed between the device and the frame, so that the image has the desired size.

4. Confort is first

No one wants to work in an uncomfortable space, right? So you have to prioritize that. The ideal is not having strong air flows, but at the same time to have the option to ventilate or take the frame outdoors in case of using adhesives with strong odor or certain toxicity. Safety is the first thing to take into account before doing any activity without previous experience. Make sure you have sufficient electrical currents nearby, as you will be working with different tools that need them. An extension cord is a must too.

5. Your workspace is also a warehouse

Rugs are not usually finished in a day, so your work space will also be a place to store your frame and all the material you have. For this reason, it is best that it be a place with relatively low humidity to prevent the fabrics and yarn from spoiling over time.

6. Beware of cats and dogs

From experience, I can tell you that we have to be careful with our furry buddies. If you have pets you know their personality and behavior, some may just perch on your rugs, but others love to see the movement of the yarn and will want to play with it no matter what. In this game they can get hurt or ruin the work you are doing, so I recommend that they stay away from your work space, at least when you are using yarn.

In addition to that, they can fill your materials with hairs, fortunately it is easy to get rid of them with a lint roller. We love their company and these are some recommendations but it’s up to you to take them or not.

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