Cut Pile or Loop Pile: Which one is the best?

One of the most difficult decisions when choosing our tufting machine is to know which model we want: cut pile or loop pile. There are machines that support both techniques, but the vast majority only support one option and are cheaper. For this reason, it is necessary to decide in advance what style we want for the projects to be elaborated. The difference between the cut model and the loop model is the finish you want on your creations.


Cut Pile aka AK-I

Rugs made with cut pile are the most common and have a tight, shaggy feel. The operation is simple, the machine pushes the yarn through the weave and cuts the fiber, the result is an upright pile with both ends of the yarn exposed.

The cut pile has scissors that will come in and cut the yarn to make the tufted side on the other side of the fabric each time you pull the trigger. This is also the most common style of rug, with a fairly shaggy feel, the result is a straight thread. You can usually set the length of the string between 7 and 20 mm on tufting guns.

In this type of style, the tufts of yarn are left loose, so to finish the rug a special tufting adhesive must be applied to keep the pile in place. This also makes it easier to correct a mistake or perfect the carpet by removing the wrong tufts.

Note that rugs made with the cut technique are more fragile! They are therefore more suitable for surfaces where you will not go back and forth too much, avoid the corridors for example, but they will be perfect in a living room or a bedroom.

Loop Pile aka AK-II

The loop tufting gun has no scissors and will only make loops on the other side of your canvas. Unlike the cut gun, each time you want to remove the tufting gun from your canvas, you will have to cut the thread manually with scissors.

If your design has a lot of detail, this is the right choice, as the loop tufting gun holds the threads to the surface of the rug, the thread is attached to the tufting gun so it can continue the loop. It will take a little more time, but the result is worth it. Curly pile rugs are durable and will fit anywhere in your home!

BESGEER Rug Tufting Gun with Carpet Trimmer Kit, 2 in 1 Cut and Loop Pile Electric Tufting Gun, 5-45 Stitches/s High Speed Rug Gun, 4-19mm Pile Height
  • ✂【Tufting Gun and Trimmer Kit】BESGEER tufting gun kit includes a tufting gun, a carpet trimmer Kit, 20 rolls yarn, a 39"X39" tufting cloth, a 39"X35" non-slip final backing cloth, and a gift box. the rug gun can DIY any patterns you like, and the rug trimmer can trim extra for letters, rounded corners, and edges details. Ideal for small to medium-sized rugs. This is the most complete tufting kit for beginners on the market. You only need to match a tufting frame to start your DIY work.
  • ✂【Cut and Loop Pile 2-in-1 Rug Tufting Gun】 The rug tufting kit can manually switch between cut pile and loop pile with the scissors changed. The pile height can be adjusted between 7-21mm(Cut Pile). The tufting gun starter kit default with cut pile mode. (It is recommended to use thicker 8 strands of yarn)
  • ✂【Efficient Working】The rug maker machine starter kit uses a high-power power supply, and the power is more powerful. This carpet making kit can reach a speed of 5-40 stitches/s, and a No-Load speed of 10000r/min, which makes the production efficiency 80-100 times higher than traditional manual creation. (Tips: Be sure to pull the tufting cloth tightly during the tufting)
  • 【Easy And Safe To Use】BESGEER tuft gun with the 360° adjustable handle and speed adjustment, the speed of the rug gun machine starter kit can be adjusted as you like, so the rug making kit for beginners is easy to operate and master. And, the rug making gun has over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection systems to avoid accidents during use.
  • 【BESGEER - Trustworthy】1-Year Worry-Free Warranty & Free Lifetime Technical Support is offered for each tufting gun carpet weaving. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the carpet gun machine kit.

To summarize, cut pile is simply rug curls that have been cut, while curly pile is the curls that remain in their natural state.


If you get a cut pile, you can make an adjustment that will change it to a loop pile. It’s very simple and you will only need an allen key. We leave you a video from Tuft Love explaining it:

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