Rug Tufting Workshop in Baltimore MD

If you‘re interested in learning about rug tufting, Baltimore is a great place to start. There are a number of rug tufting workshops in Baltimore available in the city, which can give you the chance to learn about this traditional craft. Rug tufting is a process of creating rugs or carpets by knotting pieces of yarn or fabric onto a backing.

It‘s a centuriesold craft that has been passed down through generations. In a rug tufting workshop, you‘ll learn the basics of this craft, including how to choose the right materials and how to create different designs. You‘ll also get the chance to try your hand at tufting a rug of your own. Rug tufting workshops are a great way to get introduced to this traditional craft. They‘re also a great way to meet other people who are interested in learning about rug tufting.


BillixRoxanne Studios

Dtudio located in Baltimore, which has offered tufting classes in the past. Contact them to find out about their current projects


You will learn:

  • How to stretch your fabric on the frame
  • How to use the tufting machine

At the end you will have your rug

What’s included?

All tools and materials


Graffiti Warehouse, 128 West North Avenue, Baltimore


  • Instagram: @billixroxanne

Tuft The World

TTW is a well known brand focus in tufting. It sells supplies like tufting guns, clippers, cotton yarn, wool yarn, fabrics (primary and backing) and they have not missed the opportunity to conduct workshops on rug making.

These workshops are given in Philadelphia where their headquarters are located in but throughout the year they have been offering classes around the United States so we highly recommend following them on instagram so you don’t miss any updates about the workshops. Also they sell an online course for $99, you can check it here.



$99 online course

$225 – $250 depending on the city. It includes all the supplies and a small frame you can take home


Depends on the city


Check their website because they have specific dates for the workshops


Sadly there are not so many rug tufting workshops in Baltimore but you can start learning with videos on YouTube, as much people have done. We leave you a very complete video from Rug Babe, promise you will learn a lot with it.

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