Rug Tufting Workshops in Edmonton, Canada

There are a variety of rug tufting workshops in Edmonton that are perfect for anyone looking to learn the art of rug tufting. These workshops offer instruction in the basics of rug tufting and the opportunity to create a unique, oneofakind rug. The workshops are typically held over a period of several days, and are designed for all skill levels.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend, as the teachers will walk them through the basics of the craft. Participants will learn about the different tools and materials used in rug tufting, as well as the process and techniques used to create a rug. They will also have the chance to practice their new skills, and will leave with a unique rug they have made themselves.

The rug tufting workshops in Edmonton provide a unique learning experience and a great way to explore the craft of rug tufting. These workshops are ideal for those who are looking to create a oneofakind rug, or for those who are looking to build upon their existing rug making skills. With the help of experienced teachers, participants of all skill levels can learn the basics of rug tufting and create a unique, personalized rug.


Fern’s School Of Textile Craft



$165 CAD

What’s included?

  • How to use the gun
  • How to repair a hole in the fabric
  • Trimming and carving
  • Glueing and backing
  • Gun maintenance


10350 122 St NW #1602, Edmonton, AB T5N 3W4


Get here all the tools you need:

Also, you can start learning tufting with youtube videos, in this platform you will always find people teaching crafts and more.

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