Rug Tufting Workshops in Kansas City, MO

Rug tufting workshops in Kansas City offer a unique opportunity for creatives to learn a new craft and be part of a vibrant crafting community. These workshops provide a fun and educational way to explore the art of rug tufting and create beautiful and unique pieces of art. Participants will learn the basics of rug tufting and the tools and techniques used to create custom rug designs. With experienced instructors and a supportive environment, these workshops offer an amazing opportunity to learn a new skill, make something beautiful, and create lasting relationships with like-minded crafters.


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Tuft The World

TTW is a well known brand focus in tufting. It sells supplies like tufting guns, clippers, cotton yarn, wool yarn, fabrics (primary and backing) and they have not missed the opportunity to conduct workshops on rug making. These workshops are given in Philadelphia where their headquarters are located in but throughout the year they have been offering classes around the United States so we highly recommend following them on instagram so you don’t miss any updates about the workshops. Also they sell an online course for $99, you can check it here.



$99 online course

$225 – $250 depending on the city. It includes all the supplies and a small frame you can take home


Depends on the city


Check their website because they have specific dates for the workshops


Sadly we haven’t found many artists or studios offering tufting workshops in Kansas City, but there are plenty of people located there that might help you or if you ask them for it, teach you about tufting. Many people need a boost to start teaching and you could be it. In case they are not interested, you can still be inspired by their work and check out videos of their processes to learn more. In case you know or you are teaching tufting workshops in Kansas City, you can contact us through our email: [email protected] 🙂 

Here are some information about them:

Tuft Guy KC



  • Instagram: @tuftguykc

Many people learn how to make rugs just by watching videos on Youtube! If you get a tufting gun, frame, a couple of yarns and the fabric you are ready to start with tufting. Here are a couple of videos that will help you to learn about tufting:

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