Rug Tufting Workshops in Providence, Rhode Island

Welcome to Providence, Rhode Island, the home of some of the most creative and inspiring rug tufting workshops in the country! Learn to make beautiful and unique rugs of all shapes and sizes with the help of experienced instructors, who will guide you through the process of tufting and teach you the techniques and skills necessary to create professional-looking pieces.

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran in the craft, you’re sure to find the perfect workshop to help you create stunning rugs that you’ll be proud to display in your home. Read on to learn more about the rug tufting workshops in Providence, Rhode Island.


Table of Contents

Tuft x PVD

Black owned tufting studio based in Rhode Island. You will learn how to trim, tuft and back your rug. All materials are provided. These workshops are not given weekly so we recommend you to follow the artist on instagram and receive constant updates about the workshops.



The Graduate Hotel

11 Dorrance Street Providence, RI 02903




4 – 5 hrs


  • Instagram: @tuftxpvd


Matt Turner is an artist based in Boston that founded an art studio named Rug Shack. You will find hand tufted rugs, vintage clothes and local art. In the future, they will offer tufting workshops so we recommend you follow them in Instagram so you get all their updates.



Tuesday – Sunday (12pm- 6pm)


  • Instagram: @RugShack_

Currently there are no so much tufting workshops in Providence, Rhode Island but there are different ways to learn, being one of the most used by beginners: watching videos on youtube! Who writes these lines is proof of that and I assure you that you will learn a lot with all the tips you will find on that platform, you will only need a tufting gun, yarns, a frame and the tufting cloth.

You can visit our article to know about all the tools to initiate with this hobby! In case you know or you are teaching tufting workshops in Providence, Rhode Island you can contact us through our email: [email protected] 🙂 

Here are some videos about tips and advice for beginners when starting with tufting:

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