Studio Oddities in Long Island

Rug Tufting has become a requested activity to teach in workshops around the US and for that, there are a lot of tufting classes being held in the country. One of the most well known and popular workshops is Studio Oddities which is located in NYC. In this article we will talk about the background of this business and show people reviews for all the people interested in having a class there.


Located in Long Island, Studio Oddities offers three types of tufting workshops. You will learn all the basics which include placing the fabric on the frame, how to use the tufting gun, techniques of trimming and how to back/finish your project. In case you don’t finish your piece, they can glue it and back it with a $50 additional. All workshops include the equipment needed such as yarn, tufting gun, scissors, glue, fabric, etc. In addition to these workshops, they offer Mirror Add-Ons which allow to turn your tufted piece into a frame for a mirror.


Project Size Time Price
Small Frame 14”x15” Around 2 hours $135
Medium Frame 31”x31” Around 4 hours $245
Mirror Add On 8×10” $5
Mirror Add On 12×12” $10
Mirror Add On 15.75×21.63” $30

People Reviews

As in other businesses, customers opinions are a decisive factor in deciding whether or not to go somewhere. Because of this, here are some comments about the experience in Studio Oddities:

«Good for newbies who’ve never tufted before. My girlfriend and I went to a workshop, where it was just the instructor and us two. spent ~2 hours and we each finished a small piece (mine took longer due to the complexity). everything was ready to go when we got there, instructor was experienced and the end pieces we went home with were way more impressive than expected, mostly because of the guidance. tons of different yarn colors.

It was a very therapeutic experience – would go again to do a larger piece. My recommendation would be to think of what you want to tuft before you get there so you have the design ready on your phone to go off of.» – Albert

«Had a mixup while booking at this place, but the store was lenient enough to give a last minute refund. Although I haven’t been to this place physically, the communications with the customer service through email were prompt and patient. Seem like they have great staff!» – Andy


43-01 22nd street, Unit 254, Long Island City, New York, 11101


Instagram: @studio.oddities
Email: [email protected]

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