Tufting House in Fort Lauderdale

Rug Tufting has become a requested activity to teach in workshops around the US and for that, there are a lot of tufting classes being held in the country. One of the most well known and popular workshops is Tufting House which is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In this article we will talk about the background of this business and show people reviews for all the people interested in having a class there.


What is Tufting House?

It’s a tufting business focus on teaching all the process involved in making rugs through tufting. They offer two types of classes: one of $90 (30” x 30”) and other of $60 (15” x 15”), both include all the materials and you’ll end up with a rug made by you.

How was Tufting House born?

Alex, the creative behind Tufting House, stumbled upon tufting videos on social media mid-2020, at the height of the pandemic, and became obsessed. They followed every creator the social media gods sent their way and the interest just kept growing. At some point Alex did the research for what it would cost to get started and it was pretty complicated and expensive. The frame had to be built, the gun was expensive, and the materials weren’t cheap or super accessible. Alex didn’t have the space or the patience to deal with it all just to try it out and potentially hate it. So they searched for rug tufting classes and workshops, but couldn’t find one to save their life.

While chatting with their longtime best friend, Jorge, he miraculously had a friend who had just taken a rug tufting class – but the classes were all booked up. Alex ended up stalking the website and finding a class with one space left and booked it immediately. The class was always meant to be a test. But Alex loved it enough that as soon as they got home, they bought a full tufting kit and started tufting – and never stopped. Alex and their friend had always wanted to start their own business, and the more they ran numbers, the more it just made sense! Their mission is to provide the community with a creative outlet while providing a high-level experience.

People Reviews

As in other businesses, customers opinions are a decisive factor in deciding whether or not to go somewhere. Because of this, here are some comments about the experience in Tufting House:

«Tufting is everything I dreamed it would be and Tufting House made those dreams come true! So much fun, the owners and staff are all super rad, friendly, and welcoming. The process is very well laid out, and the atmosphere is really bright and upbeat. With their great instruction, anyone can do this, they’ll help you. We had a great time creating our rugs, highly recommended. It’ll be something you want to do more than once, we can’t wait for more!» – Patrick

«The staff was very welcoming and friendly. The staff was very detailed about everything instructions from beginning to end. When asking for help staff was there to help. Thur out the 4 hour class the staff was there with everyone having a great time. I will be back. Loved the experience.» – Christine

«Our family had a great experience! The Tufting House team was excellent. They went over the tufting process and made sure we had the skills necessary to complete our rugs. The tufting process was so much fun. 2.5 hours went by so fast. Thank you Tufting House, for a great evening and family memories!» – Patrick


1940 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL


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