Rug Tufting Workshops in Detroit

Rug tufting workshops in Detroit are quickly becoming a popular trend for those looking for an outlet for creative expression. Through these workshops, individuals are able to learn the craft of rug tufting, an age-old technique used to create beautiful, unique rugs. Not only do participants learn the skill of tufting, but they also learn about the history of the craft, as well as the culture of Detroit. By attending these workshops, attendees can gain a greater appreciation for the city and its history, as well as developing a new skill. With the help of experienced instructors, participants can create their own beautiful rug to take home.


Sadly we haven’t found artists or studios offering tufting workshops in Detroit, but there are plenty of people located there that might help you or if you ask them for it, teach you about tufting. Many people need a boost to start teaching and you could be it.
Here are some information about them:

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Mooju Rugs

From: Mooju Rugs Website


Detroit Rug Co.



  • Instagram: @detroitrugcompany

Also, you can start learning tufting with youtube videos, in this platform you will always find people teaching crafts and more.

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