Artisan’s Playhouse In Miami

Rug Tufting has become a requested activity to teach in workshops around the US and for that, there are a lot of tufting classes being held in the country. One of the most well known and popular workshops is Artisans Playhouse which is located in Miami, Florida. In this article we will talk about the background of this business and show people reviews for all the people interested in having a class there.


People Reviews

As in other businesses, customers opinions are a decisive factor in deciding whether or not to go somewhere. Because of this, here are some comments about the experience in Artisans Playhouse:

«I am so happy a class like this actually exists in Miami. I MADE A RUG. You can make a rug, we can all make rugs!! It wasn’t too difficult either. They provide all the materials and show you how to make it. You can use almost any image and make it into a rug for your home! So excited, I now have the cutest rug in my room, and I made it.» – Natasha

«Love this place! The staff always treat you like family. Never knew making rugs could be fun! Was also appreciative of the clear instructions and help to bring my vision to life. The best place!» – Rachel

«I bough a rug from Ruben and it came out amazing. You can really tell he takes his job very seriously.» – Lazaro


2456 W 8th Ct, Hialeah, FL 33010


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