TuTu Tufting In Atlanta

Rug Tufting has become a requested activity to teach in workshops around the US and for that, there are a lot of tufting classes being held in the country. One of the most well known and popular workshops is TuTu Tufting which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. In this article we will talk about the background of this business and show people reviews for all the people interested in having a class there.



Frame size Price Deposit
20 inch $99 $30
27 inch $149 $49
23*32 inch $149 $49
40 inch $199 $49

People Reviews

As in other businesses, customers opinions are a decisive factor in deciding whether or not to go somewhere. Because of this, here are some comments about the experience in TuTu Tufting:

«TuTu Tufting was a great experience! My boyfriend and I went for a Friday night date night, and we enjoyed ourselves so much. Gianna was an incredible teacher, helper, and she was patient with us being newbies; thank you Gianna! Definitely worth the money as it covers the assistance and the materials, which we used a lot of! We are obsessed with our creations, and we were already planning our next trip to TuTu Tufting before we even left!» – Ciandra

«Overall it was an amazing experience. The workers there are extremely nice. They guided us throughout the whole process of making the piece. The price is also quite reasonable for the quality. I would definitely go back again.» – Anna

«Great experience at this rug shop ~ the price reflects all the materials, assistance, and time it takes to make a rug. The instructors are very helpful too. My friend and I went a bit over our reservation time, and they were kind enough to let us come back another day to finish up :)» – Blane


6035 Peachtree Rd. Suite A-212 Atlanta, GA 30360


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