What’s the best tufting frame size?

Hey there, craft enthusiasts and tufting lovers! 🎉 Ever stood in front of a dazzling display of tufting frames and thought, “Which size is the crown jewel for my next masterpiece?” You’re not alone! Let’s dive in and unravel this mystery together. The Size Game in Tufting 📏 Size matters, but maybe not in the … Read more

Best Punch Needle Kits For Making Rugs

Hey craft enthusiasts and rug lovers! 🎨✨ Ever find yourself lost in the mesmerizing world of punch needle art, those hypnotic loops and intricate patterns? You’re not alone. With the soaring trend in handcrafted home décor, punch needle rug-making has taken the spotlight, and it’s no wonder why. It’s therapeutic, it’s vibrant, and the outcome? … Read more

Primary Fabrics For Rug Tufting


Welcome to the world of rug tufting! Rug tufting is an art form that involves creating intricate designs by carefully looping and tufting yarn through fabric backing. As the foundation of rug tufting, the fabric backing plays an important role in both the finished look of the rug and the durability of the rug. With … Read more

Best Backing Fabrics For Tufting


Rug tufting is a great way to add an extra layer of texture and dimension to a room, also it could become a very fun hobby that can generate an income. The right backing fabric for rug tufting can make all the difference in your project. In this article, we’ll explore the best backing fabrics … Read more

Best Kits For Rug Tufting


If you’re looking for the best kits for rug tufting, you’ve come to the right place. Rug tufting is a craft that has been around for centuries, but has recently seen a surge in popularity. Rug tufting is a great way to create beautiful, textured rugs for your home, friends or why not to sell. … Read more

Best Scissors For Rug Tufting


Scissors are an essential tool for any rug tufting project. They are used to cut the yarn, cotton, wool, or other materials used in the tufting process. They are also used to shape the rug and trim any excess material. Scissors provide precision and accuracy when cutting and trimming, which is important in creating a … Read more

Best Frames For Rug Tufting


After research about tufting, you must know there are essential tools you will need to start, being one of them the tufting frame. A frame is an integral part of the rug tufting process. It provides the necessary support for the fabric and the tufting gun, ensuring the rug is kept in place while the … Read more

Best Yarn Winders For Rug Tufting

Yarn winders are essential tools for rug tufting. Whether you’re a professional rug tufter or just getting started, having the right yarn winder is key to success. The right yarn winder can make the tufting process faster and easier, while the wrong one can slow you down and cause frustration. In this guide, we’ll look … Read more

Best Yarn For Rug Tufting


Rug tufting is a great way to add some unique style and a touch of luxury to your home. If you’re looking for the best yarn for rug tufting, look no further! Our selection of top-rated yarns are great for rug tufting and come in a variety of materials, colors, and textures. Whether you’re looking … Read more

Best Shavers For Tufting Rugs


What other details can be added to the rugs to make them much more unique? Well, shaving them gives them the extra touch you are looking for. You can cut, shave, trim and carve your rug, there are a lot of possibilities depending of your preferences and style. Here we will recommend the best tufting … Read more

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